Friday, January 23, 2009

Preppin' for no gas

Here's the original ATV. No gas Needed. Our new horses Elizabeth and Flicka

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

American Preppers Network

I apologize for not posting in last couple days, Been working so hard to get American Preppers Network going hadn't had much time to do anything else. You can follow me over there for latest updates. I will pop in over here from time to time and make personal posts as I have time, so stay tuned...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

American Preppers Network

New Prepper's Network! With links to All State Prepper Networks. If your state doesn't have one, then start one. Click here to find out how; American Preppers Network.

We need patriots to get involved. We need to build our patriot image as a good one, not as an extremist gun totin' hate group like the media would like to portay us. Here's a few ideas; Random acts of kindness; stop and help a person change a tire, or help your neighbor paint their house for free. Once a week go out and just give some random person $5. Invite a co-worker out to dinner. Everytime you do a kind deed tell that person you are a patriot. Be actively involved with your community, offer your time to search and rescue when needed. Be ready and available. Prep others. We have to brand ourselves as the people who are the good guys, we're the true americans, we're the people who know and teach others how to survive, to be self-sufficient and independent of the government. It's the NWO (or the term they are using now "New Global Order") types that are evil, that want to enslave all people through taxation, cataloged indentification, and forced dependence on the governemt. We all talk about the sheeple, but it's the sheeple that give the NWO domestic terrorists their power. If we are to win, we must be the shepherds.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Who will our doctors be?

With all this preppin' that's goin' on; stockpiling food, water, ammo, learning skills etc.. People haven't been giving much thought to medical care. Oh, sure we talk about natural healing, herbal remedies and so on, which is good, that will keep us healthy and help cure illness. But what about serious physical injuries? After the Great Collapse happens and people are relying on the system for their universal health care, what will us patriots do when we have a broken leg, or a bullet wound? I have a feeling that most doctors will submit to the beast system in order to practice medicine. People will have to get microchipped in order to have health care. So when you go to the emergency room for a broken bone, you'll have to accept your chip to get treatment or be turned away. This will be just one more way for the government to get us chipped, If it ain't for food, or your mortgage, it will definitly be for your health care.

Sure there will be a few patriot doctors out there that will be performing "Back Alley" operations (I'm not talking about abortions here, I'm talking about something as simple as a cut finger). But they will be very few and far between, and they will most likely be watched by the government very closely so that they are not able to perform these procedures. We've sworn that we won't be chipped, so who do we turn to? I've recently met another new fellow patriot blogger Ernie Check out her blog at Ernies Journey into Survivalism. She's a registered veterinary nurse. This got me thinking about it for awhile, and I came to the understanding that when worst comes to worst, I'm going to see my vet (even a nurse if I had to) to stitch up my bullet wounds long before I will ever see a New World Order doctor and get my microchip. Why not? cavemen were performing operations long before there were ever licenses, hospitals or Med Schools. Even if I have to rely on Aunt Sally who'se watched a dozen episodes of House with her high school biology book on her lap and a sewing kit with a bottle of Jack Daniels, I'm doing it. I'll take the risk of gain green over losing my freedom any day.

Who's your doctor going to be?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Don't Tread On me

Don't forget to listen to Joel, He will be a guest host on Big Johns Hit show "Don't tread on Me" Listen online at at 10:00 p.m Central / 11:00p.m Eastern Tomorrow night. He's got an interesting bit about comet Lullin as a possible Omen for a 9-11 Act II, check out his blog at Patriots Cave. I wonder if he'll talk more about it on the show.

Speaking of "Don't Tread On Me" I mean the term, not the show.... Anyone notice how much the cops are cracking down on whatever minor infraction they can get people for? When I was driving through Spokane, Washington yesterday I noticed at least 5 patrol cars in a 1 mile stretch had cars pulled over. But it's not just Spokane, I'm seeing it everywhere. Seems that States, cities and municipalities think that it's just fine to "Tread" all over the citizens that pay "their" paycheck. I guess with people losing their jobs, not shopping as much, and property values dropping, governments aren't bringing in nearly as much tax revenue as they're used to. But rather than cutting their fat budgets and slashing the give away social programs, they figure they'll bite the hand that feeds them and slap us with more fines, penalties, fees, permits, etc... I've even heard on the news, not too long ago, talk about a .50 cent raise on gas taxes. Since people aren't driving as much, governments are losing revenue. People aren't driving because THEY CANT AFFORD IT!!!. Now these thugs want to beat a poor man while he's down. Maybe I should invite everyone over to my house for a Tea party. Let's call it; "The Idaho Tea party!" only because I live too far from Boston.

This government has gone way too far with all the laws and regulations. It's virtually impossible to be a law abiding citizen anymore. I can almost guarantee that the squeakiest clean and legal person out there will eventually break some stupid law without even knowing it. I break it almost every day just trying to keep warm in my truck. Yes that's right, it's illegal to idle your truck in many states, and they don't even care how hot or cold it is. It's funny how some thug cop will wake up a driver only to sit in his nice air conditioned patrol car in the heat of summer and write the driver a ticket for idling. What are we supposed to do? Not sleep? Then drive tired and fall asleep at the wheel and kill someones family? Oh, there are diesel APU's for trucks.. at the tune of about $7,000 or $8,000. Is the government going to buy that for me? I sure can't afford it. Oh, by the way, most APU's and generators are illegal to use in the Peoples Republic of California. I don't even care about the laws of this government any more. All of these B.S. regulations that make us all law breakers now, only cheapen the law. Now I only follow the 10 commandments, and that's it.

I do have great respect for the "good" cops, true patriots who know what it means "to serve and to protect" Cops that know it's the citizens in the community that pay their bills, Cops that will help a guy unlock his car, or help a little old lady across the street. Cops that will "look the other way" when a particular law is just plain wrong. If you're one of those, I've got your back man. If you're in a good community, a small town or a sheriff in a good county, stay where you are and protect the people. They will need it when times get bad. But for the Cops out there that are working in these scum bag, corrupt cities and states, that want to "tread" all over their citizens, I have some warnings for you. Pay attention closely...I'm not a violent man, never hurt anyone in my life nor ever intend to... So I say this, not as a threat, but as a warning from a guy sitting on the fence. If you don't turn in your badge, quit working for these scumbag, NWO sympathizing governments , and join true patriots this could be your fate....

Check out this link also Must Watch

When the time comes, you'll have to decide whose side you're really on. Is your paycheck and life worth being the governments NAZI Gestapo? Think about it....

"Don't Tread On Me!"

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Give a man a fish....

So I'm trucking along through Spokane, Washington, and I get a call on the cell. It's from a sweet lady up north of Spokane, not too far from our homestead in Idaho. And she wants to place an order for Big Johns Survivalist seeds. Turns out that she doesn't want to do an order online, that she'd prefer to order over the phone. I'm cool with that. There could be a number of reasons why one wouldn't want to order online. You got Google tracking everyone's searches online, the NWO types in our government that want to watch every order we make, plus the typical identity thief out there that wants to steal our credit. Doesn't matter, I do phone orders too.

So I pull into the Petro truck stop in Spokane and taker her order over the phone, we talk for a while. Turns out, her and her husband are quite the survivalists (or preppers, whatever term you want to use). They got their home paid for and are virtually debt free. Gettin' the Survival garden going, stockin' up on food, you name it. They're getting ready for the great collapse. She also knows how to can, matter of fact, they can quite a bit. She says her husband knows all kinds of skills. Do you know that that will be a virtual gold mine during the great collapse? Think of all the unprepared people that will be starving in the streets. They need to know how to survive! They need to know what to do! If you got a skill, then teach it! If you don't, then you better learn yourself. Education will get you the most bang for your buck when preparing. It will also be more valuable than any MRE, gold, or ammo that you got stored up. Consider starting your own survival training business, heck, provide your skills for free or at least at an affordable price if you want to be a good samaritan. When you do, e-mail me and I'll get you linked up with free advertising on my survivalist directory. The more people we prepare, the safer we will all be.

Remember "Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime" Those are the words of a true survivalist.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My First Blog

Yeah, that's right. This is my first entry in my first blog ever! Some of you will notice the name and the disaster photos at the top of the page. That's because I also operate the website; I could have blogged right off the other site, but I decided to start over here for a couple reasons. The main one being that my web host charges for additional bandwidth and there is just so much information that I want to get out to all of you. I also wanted a medium to blog from that I could use without having so much of a "commercial" aspect to it. About as "commercial" as I'll get on this blog will be to do reviews on great products that fellow patriots bring to me. Like Big Johns survivalist seeds, Joel Harfords Doomsday Survival Pak or a new one that I just linked to; Home Emergency Water System (or HEWS for short). Check out their individual sites or you can also find them at my store. I'll get to each of those in future postings

The main thing I want to get out there now, and what my ambition and purpose in life to do is; Build a network of Patriots across this country. I want to be a thorn in the side of the NWO. I'm not talking about a loose-knit connection of blogers, survivalists, and patriots across the web. I'm talking about a physical real life network across the nation, all the way down to the local communities. Let's face it, when the economy collapses, will we be able to rely on the internet? what about transportation? How easy will gas be to come by? what about snail mail? We need local patriots to band together and know how to contact fellow patriots in other communities should we lose all these conveniences. Look at it this way, we have 3 groups of enemies out there; 1.) The Islamic extremist terrorists, 2.) Violent street gangs, and 3.) Those NWO thugs that have infiltrated and taken over our government and are forcing us into slavery though their globalist laws, taxes and policies. In other words; The "Real or Domestic Terrorists"... You read it right, The NWO thugs ARE the real terrorists, they ARE the "domestic terrorists". If these enemies of ours have their organized networks or "cells" then why can't we? Why can't the good guys be organized?

So to kick this off and start building our network, I want to start with skills. We need to educate ourselves on survival. There is an endless wealth of knowledge out there to share. A person can never be completely prepared, which is why educating ourselves should be an ongoing process, we need to meet up with other survivalists and exchange our skills. Youtube is a great place to learn a lot of this information for free, but we still need to know people nearby for hands on training. I've started a directory on my AmericanSurvivalStore website. There you can find resources to learn survival skills. If you have a skill that you'd like to train others to do I will post a link to your website for free, just email me. Remember if you charge a fee to train people that's fine, last I checked we are still a free market economy, but soon our money will be worthless. You'll have to consider bartering for your skills. What would you be willing to trade for? Skill for skill, skill for supplies, skill for labor. Survival skills will be in such high demand by those who are unprepared that I predict Survival training will be The career of the future. Now is the time to jump in and get started. What knowledge do you have? Hunting, knot-tying, canning, self defense, wilderness survival, You name it, people will want to learn it. If you have a couple hours a day or just a few hours on the weekend to spare, consider starting a part-time survivalist training business. Run an ad in your local paper and see what happens.

Untill next time, I leave with this;
"In a failed economy, the most dangerous people that the Prepared have to fear are the Unprepared"