Sunday, February 8, 2009

One more Reason...

To buy Heirloom and Organically Grown Food.

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  1. Monsanto is a big example of corporate greed negatively affecting society. Their genetically modified crops have led to an increase in herbicide use as super weeds are becoming resistant to roundup. Also, Monsanto is the largest of the five global seed companies owning most of the worlds food seed crops. They destroyed thousands of varieties of unique seed when the took over Seminis. Their products and cotton failure in India is leading many poor rural farmers into massive debt for the seed and herbicides. Many of the Indian farmers have committed suicide, because the Monsanto crop failed and did not make them wealthy, leaving them permanently in debt.

  2. For certain!!! Monsanto and all of their doings scares me to death!

    I know that there are many places to buy heirloom and organic seeds in the US - but just in case anyone is interested - here is a link to an organic seeds farm located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada -

    Most of their seed varieties are old and actually come from the US!!!!

    I tried a few of their seeds last year with great success - this year I bought all of my seeds from them.

    Thanks for another great post!

  3. Reminds me of the movie "They Live"

  4. Oh God help us. Human beings could not do what Monsanto is doing. WHY? Because human beings have a survival instinct. What Monsanto is doing is planetary suicide. How long will we wait? How long will we watch them destroy our children and grandchildren? What does that make us? The fact that we allow it to go on. What does that make us?

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  6. great article you need to read. (not mine)


  7. Great article one more reason the gov wants to limit are home grown foods. Check out your local farmers markets and live longer

  8. That picture is down right scary! It seems that most people don't even have any idea how dangersous this stuff is! Hope you will stop by our blog,